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Understanding the Prophetic

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1 March 15 March 5 April 12 April
Grace Community Church

A teaching series on the Gift of Prophecy by Eugene Smith

Not only is the Holy Spirit a saving and empowering Spirit, but he is also a speaking Spirit. The Holy Spirit grants revelation, discernment, wisdom and knowledge by various means, one of the chief being prophecy. The pages of the New Testament assume the abundance of this gift, but it is lacking and infrequent in most churches.

Too often, some churches turn away from this gift because of excesses, while others seem to have no boundaries which creates confusion. The purpose of this series of studies is to both encourage the proper function of the prophetic gifting while at the same time to keep the churches safe from abuse.

In this series, you will find some practical instruction concerning moving in the gift of prophecy, as well as establish guidelines for churches to pursue the prophetic gift and ministry to bring lasting edification and impact for the glory of our Lord Jesus.

Dates are: 1 March15 March5 April12 April
at 7.45 at Grace Community Church, near the Stonebridge Roundabout on the Armagh Road

Eugene Smith