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Hallmark of Confusion

The Common Rule

It is hard to know where to go, it is hard to know what to do. This confusion is one of the hallmarks of being human. We do not always know the way. We spend so much of our life confused, we have no idea who to believe. This can be so painful — until you realize that that is normal for the world, and that’s why we look to God instead. The word of God is a light to our feet — it shows us the way so that we can walk straight — so that we can go somewhere worth going. This Psalm is in part about scripture, yes. Indeed there is so much wisdom in scripture for showing us the way in life. But it is ultimately about Christ, the Word made flesh. He is the Word to end all words. He is the path. He is the one that turns us from being lost, to being found. Pray that you would not walk alone in your confusion, but that by studying the word of God and relying on the Word made Flesh you would find the way, the truth and the life.

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