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In an Age of Darkness

In an age of darkness, it is helpful to admit that there really is a battle raging. Evil exists, and suffering is real. Whether physically or mentally, whether from human enemies or spiritual enemies, to live in the world is to be assailed and assaulted. We trip and we fall not just because we are fallen and sinful people (though we are), it is also because evil wants to ruin us and take us captive. Unless we understand this, we will not see how marvelous it is that we have a strong God who has come to fight our battles. Here the Psalmist acknowledges the fight of life, but takes refuge in God his protector. Even more, he sees that the end of the battle will not just be victory — but beauty. He will be with His God — and so will we. Pray that today you would acknowledge the battle, see God as your protector, and trust that the end will be beautiful.

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