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The War is Over

The Common Rule

Think of a child lost in a crowd, and then think of the comfort that follows when she is found by her parent. Think of the overwhelming peace that settles in when you know that you were lost, but now you are found. This is the comfort that God is bringing the world. The comfort of suddenly being found. We are lost in our selfishness, lost in our depression, lost in our scrolling, lost in our injustice, lost in our wars, lost in our politics, lost in our lies, lost in our wilderness of a world. We have gotten ourselves lost and it is nobody’s fault but ours. And yet — God will find us. And God will bring comfort. He will hold us like the Father that he is, and tell us that the night is gone, and that morning has come. That the war is over. That all has been forgiven, and that all will be made well. Spend a moment of silence, and try your best to envision yourself found and in his arms. Try to imagine that the war is over.

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