Life Seminar #4

Discovering the Gift of God”

Discovering the Gift of God

Life Seminars consist of 40 minutes of teaching, followed by a time for discussion round some tea and refreshments.

The Engel Scale

The journey to spiritual maturity is one that is life-long, but one that is more fulfilling and Christ centred when there is companionship. LiFE seminars feed into part of a much bigger (life-long) process, one from “curiosity” to spiritual maturity. We’ve loosely adopted, and adapted, the Engel Scale to help us make sense of where people are.


4. Development to spiritual maturity

3. Growth in discipleship

2. Integration into a church

1. Confirmation of the decision

0. Rebirth and assurance of salvation


-1. Decision to hand over life

-2. Challenge to a decision

-3. Personal concern

-4. Understanding the Good News

-5. Distinguish difference between Christianity and the Gospel

-6. General knowledge of Christianity

-7. Lack of knowledge of Christianity

-8. Religious openness without actual interest

Paul Woods
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2018-03-28 20:00 2018-03-28 21:30 Europe/London Life Seminar 4

Discovering the Gift of God

Ballyards Castle
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    Life Promo

    Life Fully Experienced is a set of teaching seminars that helps you in your quest to make disciples: from introducing the Gospel to non-believers to helping Christians reach spiritual maturity.

    The journey

    Over the course of the sessions, we will be using an adapted version of the Engel scale, which challenges the common belief that our roles as evangelists, teachers etc. is just to help people to move from unbelief to belief. We acknowledge that the journey of a Christian is much more complex, and in exploring often forgotten aspects of the Christian walk, we will help uncover skills, gifts and talents for people who maybe don’t simply see themselves as evangelists or teachers.

    Questions we'll be asking

    How can we be happy?

    Everyone wishes to be happy. The saying goes: “Everyone is the architect of his own fortune”. But on our human paths for happiness, do we really reach the hoped-for goal?

    Why does God allow this?

    Terrorist attacks, natural disasters, plane crashes, etc. leave behind the penetrating question: Why does God allow this? This question is so explosive, because it often has far-reaching effects in our private experiences.

    What is the meaning of life?

    Every person wants to find the answers to the following three questions: Where do I come from? Where am I going to, what comes after death? What should I do during the short period of my earthly life? — What happens if we look to God, for answers to these questions?

    Discovering the gift of God

    This is God’s immense gift: He loves us so much that he gave his only Son for us. Whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life! Shall we accept this huge gift?

    Life in new dimensions

    The personal relationship to Jesus changes a person completely and opens up totally new dimensions. In prayer we experience his presence, his comfort and his strength. The Bible becomes a
    living guide for our life. New friends enrich and strengthen our new life with God.