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Drive-in Prayer

Wednesdays 2 – 4 pm • The Hub


We believe in the power of prayer. The power to see God move; the power of healing; and the power of faith. We want to be able to pray with you safely and confidentially.


We’re trialling this in the Hub carpark. (Previously the Normandy Inn)


We’re hoping to host this each Wednesday from 24 pm.
This is the same day as our Day of Prayer.


It’s really simple. Just call into the car park. There’ll be someone there to guide you, and you can stop and pray with us (whilst keeping our social distance!). There won’t be any weird religious language, and you can request anything you like: for yourself or someone you know.

This will be strictly in accordance with government restrictions. As the rules change, we may adjust arrangements accordingly.

We believe in the power of prayer. Everything we do is driven by it. It’s our only way of communicating with God and we’ve seen him work in wonderful ways. We’d love to pray with you — no matter your need. If you cannot get down, you can still get in touch with us, via our Prayer homepage.

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