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Advent 2020

Advent 2020

Advent 2020

4 Daily Habits

Based on The Common Way Advent Edition

A set of four daily habits designed to help you lean into the rich meaning of Advent — that Jesus has come to renew all things. Rooted in the idea that our most ordinary of habits are forming our souls in the most extraordinary of ways and in a way that will help us celebrate that the King has come & wait for him to come again.

1. Kneel in prayer

Small, repeated words have power. This habit is to pray three, short, Advent prayers at waking, midday and bedtime.

2. Light a candle

Lighting a candle is a tactile reminder of what light is, and what it does. At some point each day (before dinner is ideal), light a candle and say the words: Christ is light.”

3. Scripture before phone

We are formed by what we pay attention to. This habit is designed to disrupt your morning routine, direct your gaze away from your phone, and towards Advent readings (below).

4. Waiting

Advent is about waiting. Our phone does not teach us about waiting. Put in down. This is a way to practice the important art of waiting.

Week 1: Light & Dark

Week 2: Lost & Found

Week 3: Freedom & Slavery

Week 4: He is Coming