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Easter 2020 Devotionals

A Graceful Reminder


Read: John 13:117, 31 – 35

Have you ever had someone wash your feet? Have you ever washed someone’s feet? Both are extremely humbling experiences (or at least for me they were).

One of the biggest reasons for this is the fact that sandals and bare feet are pretty much year-round footwear here in Florida. Same was true for the disciples. Their feet were likely covered in dirt and whatever else they happened to step in. Yet Jesus took on the task of washing their feet. Why do you think that is?

In my mind, I think about the depths of humility and how much I actually lack in this area. In verse 3 John reminds us that God has given ALL things into Jesus’ hands. A graceful reminder that Jesus is still fully God even though he is fully man.

Given this authority, he is the last person in the room who (in our human eyes) should be kneeling before dirty feet getting himself dirty. Yet, he does it and without complaint or malice. What a beautiful picture he paints in this one moment: that there is nothing too low for him to do in order to bring wholeness to his people.

In verse 17 Jesus tells us that if we do these things then we will be blessed. This sets us up to prepare our hearts for the new command he would then give in verse 34. We are then told to love each other as he has loved us. This command reminds us that in order to do and be in the will of God we must love people beyond what is physically practical or natural and to place ourselves as lower than others. This isn’t the easiest or simplest thing to do but it is one of the most effective ways of gaining intimacy with God.

I can think of some of my most profound times of growth in Christ and they were all birthed out of placing myself or (in most cases) God allowing me to be placed lower than those around me. It often gets us dirty and keeps us on our knees but if it means we get to know him more I don’t know about you but I will take that over being lifted up any day.

Today’s Prayer

Father God, allow me to be a servant today. Give me eyes to see ways I can serve and love the people around me. Give my heart the desire to serve you by serving those around me. Draw me closer to you and allow the people I serve to see you in me. Keep me in step with your will and continue to lead me in your truth.