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All You Need To Know

Read: John 12:20 – 36

The Bible does not give a lot of information about these Greeks other than they were going to the Passover feast in Jerusalem to worship. We can assume they were Greek Jews, but regardless of who they were, what it is noticeable is their desire to see Jesus. They were maybe curious to meet this Jesus they had heard about, but again the Bible is silent about their agenda.

Jesus did not respond by saying yes or no. Instead, He spoke a proclamation about who He was and what was going to happen soon (v.23 – 28, 31 – 32, 35 – 36). Jesus seemed to be saying: This is all you need to know”.


Jesus as we approach Easter, help us to remember who you are, why you came for us, and rejoice that you not only died for us but also rose again from the dead victorious. In this time of trouble that humanity is going through help those curious people like the Greeks to find the answer they need: mainly that you are their only HOPE, Amen.

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