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Busyness is killing me

In these days of lockdown, many things have been looking more clear before my eyes.

They have always been there but the fact that I can see them better tells me that I haven’t been stopping the way I ought to. Busyness” is killing me. Ironically my busyness” is not that busy as I might think.

Since the lockdown officially started, I have realised that taking the time to spend in his presence is more about the quality of it than the length of it.

This week, in our mid-week meeting, Neil shared about meditation. It’s precisely this discipline has been of so much good to my life in the last few days since the lockdown was made official.

I believe that meditation is key in drawing close to God, whether we meditate on a passage or the person of Christ itself. I would also add that meditation on ourselves is a good discipline as the Bible encourages us to do so (Galatians 6:1). The more we meditate the more open we’ll be to hear from God and regardless of how busy you are meditation can happen as go on our day.

Let’s take advantage of this time of rest we’re having to practice this spiritual discipline and be opened to hear from God.