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Five-Minute Ice Cream

No fancy machines needed

Amy Anderson
Amy AndersonLeadership Team

IngredientsLink to this section

  • 12 cup double cream
  • 12 cup whole milk 
  • 14 cup sugar 
  • Ice
  • 12 cup salt
  • Tsp vanilla extract 
  • 1 small Ziplock bag
  • 1 large Ziplock (if you don’t have Ziplock a larger bag that can be tied shut)
Ice cream ingredients

MethodLink to this section

  1. Pour milk, cream, sugar and vanilla into a small Ziplock bag. 
  2. Seal the bag
  3. Add 12 of the ice to the larger bag and add salt 
  4. Place the smaller sealed bag inside a larger bag and add the remaining ice. 
  5. Seal the larger bag and wrap it with a tea towel
  6. Shake the bag for 5 mins 
  7. Open the larger bag remove the smaller bag of ice cream and… enjoy!
Ice cream final
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