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Jesus’ Betrayal

Read: John 13:21 – 32

In John 13 We see an Old Testament prophecy come to pass in Jesus’ betrayal by Judas.

It can sound crazy for someone like Jesus to allow his own betrayal and in many ways seem somewhat counterproductive. I mean what would you do? I’m sure the first thought in my mind would probably like nothing better than to execute a perfect Bruce Lee style flying kick to Judas for doing it(or at least at first think about it 😂)

But In this text, Jesus does nothing of the sort, He doesn’t even avoid it. Although troubled in spirit saying these words. Jesus seems calm collected and not at all out of control. How is that possible?

In life sometimes we feel betrayal, hurt or misunderstood. We can allow these things to control our thoughts feelings and emotions they can ruin our lives completely if left unchecked or unresolved.

Jesus shows us that in our betrayal moments” that it’s ok to feel troubled and discontent about what’s to come, but Jesus didn’t allow this moment to keep him from his Father’s will!

Jesus said in the New Testament many times I and the Father are one.” (John 10:30) or For I have come down from heaven not to do my will but to do the will of him who sent me” (John 6:38) to name a couple.

I would like to suggest to us that Jesus was so connected to the Father that it didn’t even matter what Judas did to him even when that meant eventually going to the cross.

Jesus was so connected to the Father in relationship, that the threat of death was laid down for the sake of the Father. Nothing else mattered more to Jesus than to do the will of the Father. He only cared about what the Father thought about him and nobody was going to get in the way. Such focus! Such determination! Such love for the Father and — ultimately — such love for us!

In reading these things I begin to believe that its possible to not lose it” when things go terribly wrong. And that if I keep my eyes focused more on the Father’s will and the Father’s love for me nothing else will matter more, even through moments of betrayal”.

Today’s prayer

Father God, help me to be more like your son Jesus and never to allow anything to be more important than knowing and loving You.

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