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Joy and Satisfaction in Intimacy

Man was made to delight in God. Sounds good, but it is not the normal in many of us.

In a world saturated with entertainment and busyness in general there is no other way to get to experience that delight but by increasing our discipline to spend time in God’s presence.

Recently I have been through a period of desert and silence. Going to church started to be more a routine than a joy. Reading and praying have become rare and less occasional. I started to notice that entertainment was stronger than my willingness to read and pray. The most frustrating part was remembering how much I normally love to read and study and not being able to get back into the habit, was not a nice feeling.

I started to pray for an awakening, of hunger to read his word, to pray and spend time in his presence. Not just hunger to read for the sake of it, instead I wanted to delight and immerse myself in the word. not out duty to tick the box, but I asked God for a desperation for his word and to know more of his nature and attributes.

I needed to repent of my lack of zeal and passion and God has been so graceful in forgiving me and answering my prayer.

I know sometimes we go through seasons of silence where you feel God is so far away even when you try to seek him. I think God allows those times to make us understand that we need him so much and depend totally on him. Other times (like my case) it is laziness and coldness.

Whatever the place you are in, I suggest you to seek God with all of your heart; repent (if that’s the case). If it is not, keep seeking God. Do not give up. Seek him with the right attitude and expectancy.

There is nothing better in this world than spending our time in connection with our God, having an intimacy that will satisfy the voids of our soul. He proves over and over again to be water for the thirsty and bread for the hungry. Seek him with all of your heart.

If we draw close to Him, He will draw close to us (James 4:8) what a promise!

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