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O Realm of Light

Week 1. Thursday

Oh realm of light! whose morning star to Bethlehem’s manger led the way. Not yet upon our longing eyes shines the full splendor of thy day. Yet still across the centuries fall, both strong and sweet, our Lord’s command. And still with steadfast faith we cry, Behold, the kingdom is at hand!”

Oh realm of Heav’n! whose dawn began with love’s divine, incarnate breath, our hearts were slow to understand the lessons of that life and death. Yet though with stammering tongues we tell redemption’s story, strange and sweet. The world’s Redeemer, lifted up shall draw the nations to His feet.

Oh realm of peace! whose music clear swept through Judea’s starlit skies, still the harsh sounds of human strife break on thy heavenly harmonies. Yet shall thy song of triumph ring in full accord, from land to land, and men with angels learn to sing, Behold, the kingdom is at hand!”

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