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How the Orphan Heart differs from that of a Son

Jack and Trisha Frost

As God strives to reach out to us as our Father, our position and our identity changes from an orphan-like spirit to one of sonship. This useful table helps us understand the difference.

Orphan v Son
God as Master IMAGE OF GOD God as a loving Father
Independent / Self-reliant DEPENDENCY Interdependent / Acknowledges Need
Live by the Love of Law THEOLOGY Live by the Law of Love
Insecure / Lack peace SECURITY Rest and Peace
Strive for the praise, approval, and acceptance of man NEED FOR APPROVAL Totally accepted in God’s love and justified by grace
A need for personal achievement as you seek to impress God and others, or no motivation to serve at all MOTIVE FOR SERVICE Service that is motivated by a deep gratitude for being unconditionally loved and accepted by God
Duty and earning God’s favor or no motivation at all MOTIVE BEHIND CHRISTIAN DISCIPLINES Pleasure and delight
"Must" be holy to have God’s favor, thus increasing a sense of shame and guilt MOTIVE FOR PURITY "Want to" be holy; do not want anything to hinder intimate relationship with God
Self-rejection from comparing yourself to others SELF-IMAGE Positive and affirmed because you know you have such value to God
Seek comfort in counterfeit affections: addictions, compulsions, escapism, busyness, hyper-religious activity SOURCE OF COMFORT Seek times of quietness and solitude to rest in the Father’s presence and love
Competition, rivalry, and jealousy toward others’ success and position PEER RELATIONSHIPS Humility and unity as you value others and are able to rejoice in their blessings and success
Accusation and exposure in order to make yourself look good by making others look bad HANDLING OTHERS’ FAULTS Love covers as you seek to restore others in a spirit of love and gentleness
See authority as a source of pain; distrustful toward them and lack a heart attitude of submission VIEW OF AUTHORITY Respectful, honoring; you see them as ministers of God for good in your life
Difficulty receiving admonition; you must be right so you easily get your feelings hurt and close your spirit to discipline VIEW OF ADMONITION See the receiving of admonition as a blessing and need in your life so that your faults and weaknesses are exposed and put to death
Guarded and conditional; based upon others’ performance as you seek to get your own needs met EXPRESSION OF LOVE Open, patient, and affectionate as you lay your life and agendas down in order to meet the needs of others
Conditional & Distant SENSE OF GOD’S PRESENCE Close & Intimate
Bondage CONDITION Liberty
Feel like a Servant/Slave POSITION Feel like a Son/Daughter
Spiritual ambition; the earnest desire for some spiritual achievement and distinction and the willingness to strive for it; a desire to be seen and counted among the mature. VISION To daily experience the Father’s unconditional love and acceptance and then be sent as a representative of His love to family and others
Fight for what you can get! FUTURE Sonship releases your inheritance!
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