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Prayer Colours

What you will need 

  • Coloured paper, or
  • Coloured pens and white paper 
  • Colours you will need: red blue green yellow pink orange 
  • A container you can’t see through or bag 
  • Scissors

If you’re using paper 

  • Cut the six different coloured pages into 6 smaller squares. 
  • Put the smaller squares into the bag or container 
  • Write a list of the colours and who you will pray for with each colour see example list. You may want to write out a prayer to say for each or give the children a chance to pray their own prayer. 
  • Once the squares are in the bag or container take it in turns to draw out a square and then whatever colour is drawn pray for the corresponding person or thing. 

If you using pens and paper

  • Cut the white paper into smaller pieces and colour on the side with one colour place in the bag or container and follow the steps above. 

Red: People who are sick 

Pink: People who need peace

Green: Local farmers 

Yellow: Local businesses 

Blue: People who are unable to work or have lost their jobs 

Orange: Builders and contractors