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Prayer Rainbow

Grace Community Church

As we have our Day of Prayer, this is a great chance to involve your kids.

Amy will introduce a cool prayer activity with your kids

For this activity, all you need is:

  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Colouring pencils
  • Felt tips

To begin with, draw lines on your paper to make a rainbow shape, with 7 bands. Then as you think and pray, write fill in each band using the following guide.

Amy example prayer rainbow

Check out Amy's example to give you an idea.

Red: StopLink to this section

Stop pause ask someone to open in prayer. (You may want to play worship music in the background during this activity).

What are you thankful for?

Orange: People you knowLink to this section

Write the names of the people you want to pray for.

You could pray for your friends, your neighbours, or people in your family

Yellow: LeadersLink to this section

Take time to pray for the leaders in the country who are making difficult decisions.

Why not also pray for your church leaders?

Green: ReadLink to this section

Read the story of Noah found in Genesis 9 if you have a kids Bible or story version feel free to use that as well.

Blue: NHSLink to this section

Our focus this week is our NHS.

Pray for the doctors, nurses and everyone who is working in our hospitals and those who are caring for people outside of the hospital.

Purple: MeLink to this section

What do I need prayer for? Am I finding anything difficult?

Pink: Trust GodLink to this section

Say Yes to God!

Say a prayer giving all your worries and prayers to God. Let go trusting God with each of them.

Now, send a photo of your finished rainbow to the GCC Family WhatsApp group.

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