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Prayers for Vulnerable People

Every one of us is affected by the current crisis, however vulnerable people in our society are possibly the hardest hit. Frances Anderson gives us some tips on how to pray, based on her experience from working in Barnardos.

Please pray that any vulnerable people in our communities have: 

  • Food to eat every day and clean water
  • A safe place to live
  • Warm clothing — clothing that is appropriate for the current weather conditions
  • Resources to maintain good hygiene and personal dignity 
  • A bed to sleep in, with a pillow, blankets and bedding 
  • Cooking facilities and food to cook 
  • Someone who they can trust 
  • Someone who is willing to be there for them; to listen to them; where needed, to speak up for them; to advocate on their behalf and make sure their voice is heard 
  • Access to health care and medications
  • Support with their physical and mental health, and with any personal issues or life challenges they may be struggling with 
  • Access to appropriate and effective counselling 
  • Worth as a person — to feel valued and respect as an individual 
  • Opportunities to achieve — through school education, further education, volunteering, vocational training
  • Access to work opportunities 
  • Opportunities to believe in themselves and their potential
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