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Sons and Daughters

Julie Liggett

Sometimes we look at children through eyes that try to see what they can become rather than who they are already.

We are thankful for our children. We are thankful for the blessing they are, the joy they bring and the challenge it brings as they watch us live out our faith everyday in front of them.

There is so much they can teach us so help us as a church to be teachable, to be open to the truths they can show us. God has a plan and purpose for them right now.

We often pray for our kids with a future perspective – that he will be a great man of God or she will a faithful woman of God but we need to recognise God is not a god who only puts a plan into operation when someone is old enough or mature enough. No, God uses people where they are at – regardless of their age. Our children are walking in the purposes of God right now! They are sons and daughters of the most high King. 

As the Church we need to feed this identity, build on it and declare it over them.

Listen, encourage, take heed, be expectant and be ready to be blown away by the mighty works of these kids in these days.

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