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“Thank You” Seems Inadequate


Read: John 12:1 – 11

1. What an opening, Lazarus’ family were having a meal with Jesus. Have you had a meal with someone raised from the dead, or for that matter, with someone who has raised someone from the dead?

Happily, I can say yes to both, when life is really tough it’s a great help to remember these special times and experiences. It helps me see God as real and personal. Interestingly, Bethany,” can mean either house of affliction” or house of figs” so where this family had suffered affliction and death, suddenly they were all having a busy (Martha at it again) and publically known day of the feast.

2. This supper was in honour of Jesus, how could Lazarus not want to spend as much time with this great friend. I would have loved to hear the conversations. How do you thank someone for doing the impossible?

The amount of oil and cost shows an extravagant appreciation for Jesus. This rich scent filled the atmosphere. Mary did not stop there but went on expressing her affection and deep gratitude in an unusual and very humble way.

Incredible, how people react to Jesus, either literally falling over themselves to be around him, or conspiring against him.

As someone who’s father miraculously survived last Easter against the odds I understand how simply saying and praying thank you” seems inadequate. Afterwards, I couldn’t help but cuddle, appreciate and give affection to my dad, letting him know how loved he was. At times I would secretly thank God as I looked at dad or held his hand, grateful and amazed. 

4, 56.

Interesting how clearly John remembered who objected to this lavish act. 

At face value, this question seems a noble and responsible point. 

But, who could be around Jesus 3 years, seeing and manifesting spiritual answers to prayer, and yet be stealing from him. Witness to how Jesus with the woman at the well, telling her life story. 

Also how trusted or clever was Judas to hold and supervise the charity box, instead of the likes of Luke or Matthew? 

7, 8.

Signalling his death indicates that Jesus already knew that Mary had been holding this spikenard oil for this use. It seems a strange to predict your death to the person who leads to it. did this play on Judas’ mind? Judas was around the best ministry in the world and still totally missed the point. Jesus rebuke is gentle and restrained considering what was coming. 

The contrasts in these two hearts, hidden until revealed from hindsight. 

What was Jesus quietly going through, how long had he known, and had been recognising, the events signalling his death? Physically he was being honoured, but spiritually he was seeing and sensing death — how vital is the Holy spirit role here. What an amazing man to put himself into harm’s way, for us such selfless love, totally different/​higher level of love and thinking. 

9. Shows how well known this event was, and so really brought a stir whilst putting it at the onlookers, to personally decide whether to believe this event had really happened, or not. So subtle how decisions can cause us to stray from him by misjudging what we see in front of us. 

10. How totally insane is this, to witness a miracle only to so purposely set out to destroy it. I had to reread this sentence several times in absolute horror and shock, mind blown over how blind and hard-hearted we can be in the presence of something so holy and so beautiful. It’s scary to think we can be blindsided with life and personal agendas, not a good look for the church. 

Despite the brewing and unfolding mess about to happen, this ultimately was a ministry success for many!

Unknown to Amy this passage has been on my mind for months following dad’s death because during a penultimate hospitalisation I got to see a white sealed ornate vessel in a sky background before hearing a crash only to see from it broken state lots of oil flowing out. I mistakenly took this meant a healing for dad which happened, and he returned home only for him to die within weeks of this earlier recovery. I have been so devastated with how mistaken I was on understanding what was truly happening, like so many in this Bible passage 

My prayer is: please God help us to have a better understanding of you and what you are doing or trying to tell us, and please be merciful to us when we get so wrong. Amen.”

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