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The God of Surprises

Esther, Matthew, Jonah, Luke

God is infinitely loving, never changing and consistent. This sounds simple, but delving deeper reveals some more surprising aspects of who God is and our relationship with him.

John Herron, of Newry Metropolitan Church, presents a series of studies looking at surprising and challenging aspects of Gods character.

Beginning with a look into a book that was almost removed from canon by Luther, and ignored by John Calvin, does not mention God’s name, but his hand is very present. Esther, a Jewish woman, was thrust into a new and unfamiliar culture and eventually became a queen of a kingdom far from her fellow people.

What happened to her and how her story played into the unfolding events leading up to the coming King shows that, whilst not mentioned, God is more in control than we would ever know. Retrospective, it seems turns chaos into God-shaped order.

Later in the series John explores forgiveness and redemption, and reveals surprising aspects of the Good Samaritan story.

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