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The Waiting Before the Revelation

Amy Anderson
Amy AndersonLeadership Team

Read: John: 19:38 – 42 

Afterward Joseph of Arimathea, who had been a secret disciple of Jesus (because he feared the Jewish leaders), asked Pilate for permission to take down Jesus’ body. When Pilate gave permission, Joseph came and took the body away. With him came Nicodemus, the man who had come to Jesus at night. He brought about seventy-five pounds of perfumed ointment made from myrrh and aloes. Following Jewish burial custom, they wrapped Jesus’ body with the spices in long sheets of linen cloth. The place of crucifixion was near a garden, where there was a new tomb, never used before. And so, because it was the day of preparation for the Jewish Passover and since the tomb was close at hand, they laid Jesus there.”

Holy Saturday

In some ways, this day could be likened to Christmas Eve. It’s the waiting before the revelation of Gods plan. Today’s reading actually documents events that would have taken place on Good Friday. So holy Saturday is a blank page. It was unknown… it was waiting … it was grief… it was coming to terms with a new reality. 

For many of us over the last month our lives have been turned upside down. The things we once took for granted are now out of reach. I’ve heard it likened to grief. And in some ways I wonder does the reality were experiencing give us a glimpse into what the disciples were feeling on this day. 

They too had their world turned upside down.
They too had their normal” changed forever.
They too experienced grief and confusion and pain.
They too faced isolation… Later on, we read only the hiding in an upper room.

And yet as Lila reminded us there is more to the story. And that is true for both the disciples and for us. Hindsight is a great teacher and while we have the benefit of the full story the disciples didn’t

They didn’t fully understand what Jesus told them about what would happen. They just had to trust God and trust Jesus in the unknown.. in the waiting and in the grief. Because tomorrow is a new day and once again the disciples and the world was about to be turned upside down again.

Father, thank you

Thank you the Holy Spirit you are with us always. Even when we feel alone or isolated. Thank you for being our strength and our comfort and for those today who are struggling for what ever reason father I pray they would know feel your love your, strength and your comfort.


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