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150 Songs, Five Books

Neil Dawson
Neil DawsonLead Pastor

A successful mixtape needs a well thought-out tracklist.

The Psalms is a truly diverse mix of songs and ideas. From lament to praise. From reflection to exaltation.

We often associate Psalms in the Bible with David, but there are many writers. Some unknown. This eclecticism of voice is important as we get used to the idea of ambiguity and theological assortment.

We might have favourite Psalms, but they are even more powerful collectively than individually. Conveniently for us, the book of Psalms is actually arranged in five books: each dealing with a different period in Israel’s history.

Written for a post-exilic people, they speak to the journey they’ve been on.

  • Book One (1 – 41) The rule of King David.
  • Book Two (42 – 72) Transition of power from David.
  • Book Three (73 – 89) Collapse of David’s rule.
  • Book Four (90 – 106) A retrospective of a time before David.
  • Book Five (107 – 150) A returning home of the people who were in exile.
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