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Beyond the Noise

Neil Dawson
Neil DawsonLead Pastor

Faith as your anchor in a chaotic world.

To live in the world without belonging to the world summarizes the essence of the spiritual life. The spiritual life keeps us aware that our true house is not the house of fear, in which the powers of hatred and violence rule, but the house of love, where God resides.”

Henri Nouwen

Many spiritual traditions boil down to the idea of living in this world, but not being consumed by it. John 14:1 – 4 beautifully captures this essence. Here, Jesus assures his disciples not to be troubled, urging them to believe in both God and himself (John 14:1). This highlights the importance of faith as the foundation for navigating the world’s challenges.

The world we inhabit can often be a place of fear, driven by forces of hatred and violence. The spiritual life, however, serves as a constant reminder that this isn’t where we truly belong. John 14 offers a powerful image of our true home: a place overflowing with love, residing with God – the Father’s house with many rooms” (John 14:2). This concept brings comfort and hope.

Furthermore, Jesus doesn’t just point to this destination; he positions himself as the bridge. When the disciples question the way to this eternal place, Jesus replies, I am the way…” (John 14:6). This signifies that faith in Jesus is the path that leads us from the world’s troubles to the everlasting peace found in God’s presence.

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