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Build Houses. Plant Gardens

Neil Dawson
Neil DawsonLead Pastor

Sometimes God’s call for his people is to stay put.

Preceding the​“famous” verse in Jeremiah 29 (v11), there is an account of the plight of the people who were exiled. In their difficult circumstances they had two choices: put up a fight and resist or build houses and plant gardens.

They knew God was telling them to stay where they are for some time. His promises might not be fulfilled for generations to come.

The message in Jeremiah is for a people, not an individual. In the same way, the idea of personal faith can ignore the fact that God’s promises are for communities and generations.

The passage in verses 4 to 7 summarises what we do when we’re in a place for the long haul:

  • Seek the wellbeing of the town or the village;
  • Plead on its behalf to Yahweh;
  • Because in its wellbeing, there will be wellbeing for you.

Thanks to Reach who shared this morning and inspired this message. This video introduces their new venture into Armagh and Richhill.

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