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Contending with Contentment

This week, the US celebrates Thanksgiving. We can forget, though, how tumultuous the events that started it were.

Escape from persecution in Europe. Disease and death on the Mayflower. The struggle to survive in a strange land. These events don’t lend themselves to the happiest of times.

But despite the hardships the early settlers experienced, they were able to find deeper contentment in their faith and relationships.

Over four hundred years later, we can say that though it might not be as dramatic, our struggles and hardships are just as real.

Jaci shares about her experience of leaving a country she knew, a church family who love her and embarking on a new adventure where there are promises, but it’s difficult to know where and when they’re going to manifest themselves.

How do we find contentment in hardship and trial? If we’re in the midst of uncertainty, what can we be certain about?

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