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Ephesians: Growing in Christ

Neil Dawson
Neil DawsonLead Pastor

An introduction to our new series on Paul’s letter to the Ephesians.

The church of Ephesians was a small congregation in a large city where Romans and Greeks met to worship their famous gods.

The letter to the Ephesians is special in many ways. It contrasts from Paul’s other letters in that it does not set out to critique problems that exist in the church in question, but instead instructs the church on how it can further grow.

The pivot in the letter comes in the fourth chapter. Switching from the story of the gospel to our story, it encourages us to grow up”!

Over the next number of weeks, we will be exploring what it means to mature as Christians. “[Being nourished] so that we will grow up healthy in God, robust in love”.

Without the clear vision of Ephesians we are left looking at the church through a cracked windshield marred by smudges and splattered bugs.”

Beth Stevens

We would love you to join us on Wednesday nights as we study Deep Roots of Resilient Disciples by Rick Hill. This will help us chew over this theme even further.

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