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God’s Glory: Endless Love

Neil Dawson
Neil DawsonLead Pastor

Jesus redefines glory” as being about other-oriented love, rather than just about power.

In John 17:20 – 26, Jesus talks about how he wants his followers to be united, just like he is with God the Father. It’s like he’s saying whether you’re just starting to learn about Christianity or you’ve been studying it for a long time, the main idea is the same: being close to God and each other.

God’s love isn’t something he came up with later — it’s been his big plan all along. He wants to bring people together, and that’s how he’ll change the world. Gregory of Nazianzus described it like a perfect dance with three or more people, all moving together in harmony. That’s how God’s love works, always in sync.

When we talk about God’s glory, we’re talking about his love in action. It’s not about being all about yourself; it’s about showing love to others, even if it means sacrificing something. There are lots of ideas out there for making the world better, but maybe what Jesus said in John 17 is the best one.

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