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Grave Clothes and Gardens

Neil Dawson
Neil DawsonLead Pastor

Jesus is freed from his grave clothes and is mistaken for a gardener.

In John chapter 20 we read the account of the empty tomb, after Jesus had rose from the dead. We see that the burial clothes that had been wrapped around Jesus’ body were left lying in the tomb. He had no need for them in resurrected life, and as such we can learn a lot from this symbolism. Perhaps there are grave clothes’ in our lives — attitudes, behaviours, relationships — that need to be left in the tomb as we live in the resurrected life.

We also read of how Jesus was mistaken for the gardener, in verse 15. This may have been an innocent mistake, but for us it is a reminder that just as Adam was the’ first gardener’ in the Garden of Eden, Jesus comes to bring new resurrected life as a fulfilment of all the prophecy of the Old Testament. He is in many ways, the gardener’ of our lives, continually maintaining, pruning, wedding and nourishing us.

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