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In Dulci Jubilo

Neil Dawson
Neil DawsonLead Pastor

The Gift of Waiting is that we quiet ourselves to hear what the Father is doing.

There will be a time when the parched land will rejoice. There will be a time when the dry wilderness will blossom. The weak will be strengthened. The fearful will be comforted. The blind shall see. The deaf shall hear. The lame shall walk.

We look forward to the time of John the Baptist: a time that Isaiah prophesied about. John was the voice in the wilderness, a voice proclaiming a new hope.

In Matthew 11, John’s in prison as punishment for rebuking King Herod. Why he’s there he hears about the deeds of Jesus. He asks the disciples to confirm if this was indeed the Messiah. They are able to say, yes, Jesus is indeed fulfilling the vision given to Isaiah. The weak are strengthened, the fearful comforted, the blind get their sight back, deaf are able to hear and the lame are walking. Even more than that, the dead are being risen to life!

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