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Life Around the Table

Foundations: Communion

David McBride
David McBrideLeadership Team

Would a good father stop me from eating at his table?

When we sit at the table we encounter God in a physical sense.

We are creatures of senses, touch, sight, hearing, smell, and taste. We are human. We need a God who has some skin, who can be located, who can somehow be physically touched.

Ronald Rolheiser

The bread is a proclamation of the past: a reminder of the sacrifice Jesus made for us. It causes us to stop, pause, look back and remember. The focus is taken off us, and moved onto him.

The wine is a proclamation of the present and the future. It’s blood that carries and sustains life. It represents covenant and promise.

Often the question comes up as to who is worthy to partake. The immature cause splits, divisions and cliques around their respective opinions. The mature will overlook offence and faults in order to maintain the unity of the bride.

This is the scandalous invitation of Jesus; come liars, and come cheats. Come adulterers. Come those battling lust. Come criminals. Drunks, addicts. Come thieves, haters, liars, gossips. Come one and all welcome, to eat and drink with me at the table.

Rev Andrew Murray, The Lord's Table
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