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Lord of the Waters

Neil Dawson
Neil DawsonLead Pastor

Faith and doubt are intertwined as Peter attempts to walk towards Jesus on the water.

In Matthew 14, after miraculously feeding the multitude, Jesus immediately withdrew to seek solitude, demonstrating His awareness of the need for personal time with God. This retreat underscores the importance of rest and spiritual replenishment, even amid pressing demands. Meanwhile, as the disciples sailed across the lake, a fierce storm arose, and in the midst of this turmoil, Jesus walked on the water towards their boat. Initially, the disciples did not recognize Him, mistaking Him for a ghost. This moment invites reflection on our own lives: are there times when we fail to recognize Jesus in the midst of our struggles and fears, mistaking His presence for something unfamiliar or frightening?

Peter, often depicted as a heroic figure, stepped out of the boat to meet Jesus but began to sink when doubt overcame him. Jesus’s question, Why did you doubt?” highlights the nature of doubt as being double-minded, a wavering between faith and fear. This story not only reveals Peter’s human vulnerability but also reaffirms Jesus as the Lord of creation, commanding the natural elements and providing assurance in the midst of chaos. By focusing on Jesus and trusting His sovereignty, we can overcome our doubts and recognize His steadfast presence in our lives.

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