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Rupture & Repair

Confession is an essential ingredient in how broken relationships heal.

God and humanity

The story of Adam is a story of how man tried to be God rather than aspire to be like him. The relationship between God and man was broken. However, as God loved us, his desire was to bring us back into relationship. That meant, for our part, confession.

Confession is essential to healing a relationship. It restores trust and it brings us down to a level where we can more fully understand each other

Person to person

In a similar way, our relationships need work. Often strained relationships are a result of a loss of trust. Forgiveness is a great way for the aggrieved to start the journey of recovery. Confession is where both sides can start to make honest progress. It is possible that a confessional relationship can be even stronger than before.

Rupture and repair

In Judaism, as people aim to repair a relationship, the apology” is not the first thing that’s said. How often do we even try to skirt a true apology by saying, I’m sorry if…”?

The repair means we name the problem, understand it and own it, before we work out what to do next.

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