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The Doors Were Locked

Neil Dawson
Neil DawsonLead Pastor

Though fear may lock us away, Jesus calls us to live boldly.

The Bible tells the story of Jesus appearing to his disciples after his resurrection, but finding the doors locked because of fear. This fear is something we can all identify with. Fear of the world, fear of the future, fear of death – these anxieties can cause us to withdraw and isolate ourselves. They can create enemies out of unknowns and paralyze us from taking action.

Jesus, however, calls us to a different way of living. He asks for our complete commitment, a commitment that requires us to push past fear. When we see Jesus as the light that conquers darkness, the unknown, the future, and even death become less frightening. This newfound courage allows us to take risks, to live with the same love and openness that Jesus embodied.

Yet, a question lingers, inspired by Thomas: if the world can’t see the evidence of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection, how can they believe? This question challenges us to share our faith and bring the light of Jesus to others.

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