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The Epiphany of the Magi

Neil Dawson
Neil DawsonLead Pastor

The story of the first Gentile worshippers of the King of the Jews.

If you’re familiar with liturgical churches, Epiphany is an annual tradition.

It marks the story of the magi: mysterious figures in Matthew 2, possibly astronomers, astrologers or magicians who trek many miles from the East following a particular star that would eventually lead them to Jesus.

The gifts they bring with them are equally cryptic. We assume that gold represents royalty, frankincense divinity, and myrrh death.

Despite the unusual aspects of the story, there are lessons we can take home.

The Son of God made himself accessible. His humble birth and life made getting to him relatively easy. However, an encounter with the living God meant that life would never be the same again. For the magi that meant returning to their home country via a different route.

How has your encounter with Jesus changed your life?

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