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The Myth of Certainty

Neil Dawson
Neil DawsonLead Pastor

True faith isn’t about certainty, but about embracing mystery and finding identity in Jesus.

The Bible is a complex and ancient text. It’s natural to approach it with our own cultural understanding and biases. However, basing our beliefs solely on interpretations shaped by our preferences can lead us astray. True faith lies in finding our identity in Jesus, not in clinging to personal certainties about the Bible.

The story of Thomas, often portrayed as a doubter, offers a different perspective. Instead of criticizing his skepticism, we should see Thomas’s act of touching Jesus’ wounds as a courageous act of seeking truth. God doesn’t care about absolute certainty or doubt. What matters is our willingness to engage with faith, even when faced with uncertainties.

Finally, there’s a misconception that strong faith requires unwavering certainty. True faith isn’t about feeling sure in the face of unknowns. It’s about navigating the world with a belief in something bigger than ourselves, even when we have questions.

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