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The Place We Are Called To

Neil Dawson
Neil DawsonLead Pastor

As a church that lives day by day, it’s difficult to cast a vision for the future. Instead, we look to the words of the Lord: Seek the peace and prosperity of the city you’ve been called to.”

Who we areLink to this section

Our church fellowship was planted in 2005. Since then it’s gone through a name change, a personnel change and and change of location. But our goal is simple: to build houses and plant gardens. In other words, to commit to where God’s called us for the long term.

Our valuesLink to this section

These are summarised in the word simple”:

  • Scripture
  • Identity
  • Mission
  • Presence
  • Love
  • Everyone, Everyday, Everywhere

Our givingLink to this section

Giving helps us function as a church community. It helps us in our work with the wider community. But our giving also helps us support other causes, including:

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