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The Prince of Peace

Neil Dawson
Neil DawsonLead Pastor

The promise of the Kingdom brings light to those in darkness, uncertainty, and chaos.

Under the tyrannical rule of King Herod, there was darkness and pain. In a place of barrenness and disappointment, the angel Gabriel assures Zechariah that his prayers have always been heard. Zechariah’s wife, Elizabeth, gives birth to a boy, and Zechariah prophesies over their newborn baby, John (the Baptist), who would prepare the way for the one who would shine on those living in darkness and guide their feet into the path of peace.”

That’s exactly what Jesus did, and it’s what the Prince of Peace continues to do. He sets people free from fear and fills them with peace. However, his path to peace is in stark contrast to Herod’s way and the world’s way. His peace, which is beyond understanding, is a peace that the world cannot give or take away.

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