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The Seventh Day

Sabbath is a reminder that regular rest is essential for our natural and spiritual wellbeing.

Does it feel extremely difficult or too radical to keep the Sabbath? Perhaps that’s why we need it, now more than ever. In our fast-paced modern culture, we struggle with periods of rest and inactivity.

However, scripture clearly teaches that having one day to rest, replenish and cease our normal activities is essential for good healthy living. Our mental, physical and spiritual health will all benefit from a regular habit of Sabbath.

It is an invitation from the Father to reconnect with him, to rest our minds and bodies in communion with him.

A basic template for Sabbath might look like:

  • Stop
  • Rest
  • Delight
  • Worship

You will hear from David and Jaci as they share their own experiences of Sabbath and what they understand God’s design for it to be.

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