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Understanding God’s Wrath

Neil Dawson
Neil DawsonLead Pastor

God’s disposition towards sinners is unconditional love.

Sadly, when we hear someone preach, we seem to enjoy when the preacher is pointing out someone else’s sin. We like that feeling of superiority when we don’t believe we have a problem with sin.

As we use our judgement, we can become guilty of projecting our conclusions of what’s right and wrong onto God.

God’s wrath is an often-misrepresented thing. Gospel presentations, especially in Western Christianity, uses the fear that often accompanies our idea of God’s wrath to scare people into becoming Christians.

Instead, it may be more useful to think of wrath as the inevitable consequences of walking away from love. God holds us, but he is not forceful. Sometimes we choose to go our own way, but as we do, God is waiting for us to return.

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