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Embracing the Father’s Heart

Grace Community Church

We had a great weekend learning and sharing together with the David and Kris Toyne.

They opened up about their own pasts and the difficult experiences they had with their parents, and helping us understand unusual behaviour and struggles later in life. If you weren’t able to make it, or you want to revisit what they shared, the talks are right below.

Both books by David and Kris’s good friend and mentor, Jack Frost.

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  • Dave and Kris Toyne

    Agapé Christian Family Church

    Dave Kris Toyne

    Pastor Dave Toyne is a 1983 graduate of Rhema Bible Training Centre, Tulsa, OK. Pastor Kris was ordained in 2000 at Agape Christian Family Church, Clear Lake, IA. Since 1985, they have been the senior pastors at Agape Christian Family Church. They have 2 grown children and 9 grandchildren.

    After a series of events culminating with a devastating family crisis in 1995, Dave and Kris became disillusioned and discouraged in ministry. Something had to change! They became desperate for God to do a miracle in their family and ministry. In 1995 God began a renewal process in this couple. Shortly thereafter they attended a small group retreat with the Reverend Jack Frost and God continued His healing in their lives as they began to learn and experience the fullness of the love of the Father.

    Dave and Kris travel the world sharing the unconditional love of our Father God. You’ll laugh and cry as they candidly share what God has done in their lives. They are being powerfully used by God to help many experience the revelation of the Father’s Love.