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Living Room Round 2

Grace Community Church

Work has begun to give the Living Room a new lease of life.

A couple of weeks ago, we were thrilled to move back into the Living Room in Richhill. It’s been about two years since we’ve been in and in-between it’s been laying empty and gathering dust.

This week a few of the guys took their frustration out on some pallets. Led by master carpenter Andrew McGuire (holding the camera), they’re beginning the task of installing the obligatory pallet wall. Check out the pics…

David considering what to do (Living Room, Richhill)David looking scary with an axe (Living Room, Richhill)Jason and Andrew working hard (Living Room, Richhill)Neil hammering a wooden pallet (Living Room, Richhill)

With the move to the Recreation Centre on Sunday mornings, we’ve felt, more than ever, that our journey into Richhill has God’s hand all over it. We’re excited about what this new season has for us and our community.

This time we know that God wants us to seek him first. Prayer is going to be the main feature of the space.

Read Neil’s vision for the Living Room.

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