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The Bible Project

Grace Community Church

      Reading the Bible is hard. But, by shying away from it, we’re missing out on a huge part of our relationship with God.

      It might be the case that we’re simply reading it wrong. We could even be reading it daily but, because it has become routine, there’s no delight or blessing, or challenge from it.

      The Bible in its essence is God’s message to his creation and the revelation of his redemption of mankind. Its starts with In the Beginning” and ends with “…and they will reign forever, and ever”. It is the greatest story ever told. 

      In an attempt to reinvigorate our love for this book, The Bible Project has been launched with videos, podcasts, and beautiful artwork and animations bringing to life the entire scripture. There is no one way to read the Bible, but it’s important that we do. 

      The Bible Project

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