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Reverse Advent 2021


Alongside our series of Advent readings, we’re running an initiative that allows us to give back this season.

Below are a list of items we’d love you to collect over the next four weeks, that we can give back to our community.

Each Sunday you can bring the items for that week to the Hub. If you can’t make it, we can make alternative arrangements with you.

Week 1Link to this section

28 NovemberLong-life/powdered milk
29 NovemberTinned meat
30 NovemberTinned fish
1 DecemberLong-life fruit juice
2 December

Pasta sauce

3 DecemberTinned pudding
4 DecemberTinned tomatoes

Week 2Link to this section

5 DecemberTinned vegetables
6 DecemberTinned soup
7 DecemberTea/​instant coffee
8 DecemberCereal/​oats
9 DecemberRice
10 DecemberTinned fruit
11 DecemberJam

Week 3Link to this section

12 DecemberBiscuits/​snack bars
13 December

Pot Noodle/​instant mash

14 DecemberPasta
15 DecemberLentils/​beans/​pulses
16 DecemberDried fruit and nuts
17 DecemberChristmas cake
18 DecemberChristmas sweets

Week 4Link to this section

19 DecemberLaundry liquid
20 DecemberBody soap
21 DecemberToothpaste & toothbrush
22 DecemberShampoo/​conditioner
23 DecemberToilet paper
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