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How to watch GCC Live in your language


Our in-person services have caption and translation facilities, so you can follow along in a way that works for you. You are also able to view captions in English on Facebook livestreams and YouTube recordings and we’re working to bring multi-language support here too.

We hope that this guide will help you find a way that works for you.

In-PersonLink to this section

If you’re attending a Sunday service in-person, you can join in GCC Live with caption and translation facilities as you sit with us, simply by scanning the provided QR code at any point during the service. The QR will be shown onscreen before the service and on posters throughout the building.

Unfortunately translated captions aren’t available in the browser, so you will have to use the Zoom app to make them work. You can download it for your phone or tablet here for iOS or Android.

Step 1: Open ZoomLink to this section

Zoom App | Start Up

Once you’ve got Zoom installed scanning the QR code should take you to a webpage that automatically opens your Zoom app. If this is the first time you might need to confirm that you want it to launch the app.

This isn’t a normal Zoom meeting, so don’t worry you’ll not be on camera but there are a few settings you’ll adjust, the most import being to choose the No Audio option when Zoom opens, to prevent feedback from sound in the room.

Step 2: Go to SettingsLink to this section

Zoom App | Main Navigation

Now you’ll need to access the Meeting Settings page by clicking on the More icon in the toolbar and then choosing Meeting Settings in the menu that appears.

Zoom App | More Options

Step 3: Set up for translationLink to this section

Zoom App | Translation settings

There are a few important settings you’ll need to set here:

  • Switch on Closed Captioning
  • Switch on Stop Incoming Video
  • Set the Speaking Language to English
  • Set Translation Language to the language of your choice

You can also choose to show English alongside the translation by choosing Show Original and Translated.

Press Done when you’re finished and after a few seconds captions should start appearing on your screen.

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