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A Prayer for Richhill

Richhill, in the name of Jesus, we bless your lives, your homes and your families with all the blessing of mighty God who planned you and created you.
We bless you to know everything about Him that he wants you the know.
We bless you with the fullness of the blessing that God longs to pour into your lives. 

We speak blessing health and fruitfulness to your marriages, families, friendships and community relations.
We bless the work of your hands. We bless the grass of the field and their crops that they may be strong and nutritious throughout the year.
We bless the livestock that they might be well, strong and they may multiply. 

We bless Hardy School: it would be a safe and happy place for teachers and pupils.
We bless the children to learn well and developed good relationships and we bless them to simply trust in Jesus.
We bless the health centre the doctors and all those who work there.
We bless the town businesses shops and the local council. 

We speak blessing to the places of Christian worship that the Spirit and Worship would flow together from you to bring kingdom life.
We bless the hearts of the people of Richhill that they may be softened towards God and be ready to hear his voice. 

We bless all those who live and work here that the overflow of the presence of God and his kingdom may fall upon you.

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