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Tobar Gathering 2023

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The Editors
The Editors

Recordings of the sessions and seminars of the 2023 Tobar conference at Emmanuel Lurgan.

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Pete Greig (247 Prayer)

Charlotte Curran (CFC)

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Seminar 1: How to speed up by slowing down

With: Philip Emerson (Emmanuel Church, Lurgan)

Modern society seems to run at 1000 miles per hour, breaking every amber light to simply stay ahead of the curve. It’s like life with no margin for error or, God forbid, the slightest traffic jam… let alone a needy person! As I’ve studied Jesus’ life on earth its profoundly noticeable how he was never in a rush and always had time for people and mostly those with the greatest needs and issues. Let’s examine some key Biblical passages that may help us slow down!

Seminar 2: Building an Intercultural Church in Ireland

With: Carlos Neto & Nathaniel Jennings

The coming kingdom looks like brothers and sisters of all backgrounds, cultures and nations serving and worshipping Jesus in their beautiful unity and diversity. Join us to hear exciting testimonies about how we are witnessing the Lord at work in doing this across the island of Ireland today. Join us to seek to imagine and discern how the Lord would have us each involved in this fresh work of the Spirit in the church in Ireland.

Seminar 3: Equipping the saints — Chaplaincy

With: Keith Foster

Waverly Abbey College are creating a movement of chaplains: men and women who will join them as they respond to the spiritual, social and economic crisis across the UK and the wider world. As part of this movement, they offer an online, 30-week course aimed at equipping people where they are”, to be Christ’s ambassadors in the Kingdom sector he has placed them. At our upcoming conference, Dr Keith Foster will give us invaluable insights into how this movement is shaped up, with an invite to all of us, to play our part.

Seminar 4: Make Room

With Home for Good (Neil Dawson, Tasha McBride & Joanne Nicholson)

Welcoming the stranger is easily one of the most consistent themes throughout scripture. It was their treatment of those most neglected and overlooked that set the early church apart. Their radical hospitality caught the attention of a watching world. Home for Good and Safe Families are joining us to call and equip the church today to continue to be known for opening our hearts and extending our tables to children, young people and families across our nation. Join us and hear the many ways you can be involved.

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