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Our Family

Reflections from our church family this Advent.
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I am the Lord’s servant,” Mary answered. May your word to me be fulfilled.” Then the angel left her.

Luke 1:38 (NIV)

After the shocking and life changing news that Mary received, her response was I am the Lord’s servant…May your word to me be fulfilled”

When we think about how Jesus came in to this world, we can’t help but recognise he was placed in a family. Not just any family, but one with earthly parents who gladly gave up comfort and social standing in order to fulfil their higher purpose and Glorify God. 

It wasn’t the traditional family set up (they weren’t yet married, they had no money and no earthly measure of wealth) — but they formed part of the greatest story ever told. I believe this is a challenge and encouragement to us. At this time of year we have the opportunity to love, serve and share Jesus with our community. Our family’ can be as big or small as we make it. Our tables can extend as far as we decide they can. It all comes down to our willingness to listen and obey the Father. 

The challenge is to listen for the still small voice, amidst the busyness of life, and hear the Lord nudge us in the right direction. I pray at that point, we will all have the heart to say I am the Lord’s servant, May your word to me be fulfilled”.


Lord I thank you for the greatest gift, your son, our Saviour! Thank you for salvation and joy of being part of your family. Help us to prepare our hearts and minds, give us the courage to step out and love those around us. Bless those who are hurting in this season. Give us wisdom to know how to fulfil your purposes and show our community what it is to be part of a family. Amen

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