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Pattern of Heaven

David McBride
David McBrideLeadership Team

Reflections from our church family this Advent.
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Was David crazy or inspired? Why in the world would he spend millions of pounds to create a place of unceasing worship and prayer right in the heart of the nations capital? It was both radical and costly and probably seemed absolutely foolish to many people. 

When you take a closer look at David’s tabernacle, it becomes clear that the hand of the master builder was at work. Great attention was given to design and detail. There was evidence of the spirit of revelation in what David was doing. David received nothing less than a divine download, complete with patterns and plans for construction and an exact replica of the kingdom of heaven on earth. 

I love to watch Reuben and Sarah with crayons and a page, they have the freedom to put on the page what is on their hearts and minds, but as I look on as their father it fills my heart when they present to me what they believe is a master piece. I’m not worried so much about what the shapes form but more that the first thing they want to do is show their father what they have created with Joy on their faces. Each drawing is an original masterpiece it gives them opportunities to put their heart and dreams on paper usually it’s a princess for Sarah or a car for Reuben not much of what they do is original but an overflow of what they enjoy. 

Not much of what David done was his original design or idea. He outright plagiarised heaven. The structure, heart, and the principles of David’s kingdom bear a striking resemblance of the throne room of heaven. And guess what? It worked!!!!

The father is waiting to speak to each one of us today. He is longing for us to sit at the table with our page and crayons and download to us the plans for heaven to invade earth. Big or small, we have to start somewhere. Where will you start today? What is God planting on your heart?

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