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Spiritual Discipline 7: Service

Part of the series 12 Spiritual Disciplines, based on the book by Richard Foster.

Service means we must experience many little deaths of going beyond ourselves.

Richard Foster

# Self-righteous service versus true service

  • Self-righteous service come through human effort
    True service comes from a relationship with God and serve out of the whispered promptings and urging of the Holy Spirit.
  • Self-righteous service is impressed with numbers, with the big deal
    True service hard to distinguish between little or large acts of service.
  • Self-righteous service requires external rewards, need to be acknowledged/​appreciated/​applauded
    True service rests, content, in being hidden
  • Self-righteous service concerned about results
    True service delights in just serving
  • Self-righteous service picks and chooses who to serve
    True service is found in the words of Mark 9:35:’ servant to ALL
  • Self-righteous service affected by moods and feelings
    True service serves because there is a need
  • Self-righteous service is temporary
    True service is a lifestyle
  • Self-righteous service fractures community
    True service builds community